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Decide on who the Falcons next head coach will be


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I voted for Josh McDaniels and here is why, for starters Bill Cowher is a pipe dream, even if he were to come back to the NFL and coach again I doubt that he would want to start over by coaching a team that has to be in reality rebuilt from the ground up. The 17 years that Bill Cowher spent as head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers were all with the second winningest organization in NFL history. Essentially he would be Leonardo DaVinci trying to recreate the Systine Chapel. Josh McDaniels on the other hand is quite possibly the best young assistant in the entire league and is a disciple of Bill Belichick and knows good offensive football he and Charlie Weiss essentially were the masterminds behind the Patriots offense that last few years. I'm not saying that I wouldn't love for Cowher to take over but I just think that would be too much to ask for him to step in and turn Joe's burger shack into McDonalds.

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I am really hoping that we land someone like Russ Grim.

Singletary would be a nice pick up too.

But in all honesty, the situation is a complete mess. Any NAME with HC experience is probably going to want to avoid this situation.

We are most likely going to have to go with a guy with no HC experience because they are the ones that are going to show interest in the job. And have the most motivation to make it work.

I don't care what McKay says.

This job is going to be pursued by a guy looking to break into the HC ranks, not by a proven coach who knows a better situation is only a year away.

And that's fine by me.

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donny (12/13/2007)
you mean the 3?

Petrino was and is the best coach your team will ever be able to git.

face the facts #####,he went to a better team to coach.


go ##### yourself. if it wasnt for dungy your team would probably have relocated because they suck so bad.

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I understand what you all say about being proven.

I would like Cowher, but as a mom he spits too much.. just kidding

He certainly has commitment. I think we really need that now.

I don't want to invest this much energy again to have a coach bolt, I'm sure the payers don't either.

I think Singletary has that too and is a Hall of Famer, ten consecutive pro bowler, twice defensive player of the year and two superbowl rings and father of seven. Doesn't sound like a quitter to me.

He is inspiring. Here's a quote from Nolan

Mike is one of the best leaders and teachers that I have ever been associated with, Nolan said. Mike teaches with great passion and great energy; two things that are very important, I think, to being a successful teacher. There are not too many people that command the respect that Mike does the minute he walks into a room.

He has my vote!

Now I'm cutting and pasting my response from another thread

Cmon theres a lot of folks on this board! VOICE YOUR OPINION

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Zimmer should be our HC. our D has been pretty average this season, which is better than last season, and we have had more injuries than last year. we have a higher ranked D than san fran. Petrino took away grady jackson, and zimmer worked with trey lewis, and made our D better. The Defense has always kept this team in the game, and we are 3rd in 3rd down effiency.

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Guest dtank2g2

Please! I hope they don't hire a black coach. He won't have a chance in Atlanta. Yall will hang his a**!! (Vick, Hall) and whoever else yall hate on!

In that regard, I say Cowher.

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