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A Fresh Start...


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I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this, because frankly while I have tried to read most of the topics on Petrino, there are just too many.

I think that Petrino leaving (or any coach who was in this situation) is a blessing in disguise. With the turbulent offseason, shake up of players, injuries, depression, and general nausea associated with this year, we have the opportunity to have a fresh coach come in, without the memories of YKW and this seasons crash landings, and TRULY REBUILD.

I would love to see Bill Cowher, or maybe play some Marty-ball, but whoever the front office brings in will have the benefit of knowing that the S-0-B Petrino took the major punches for them. No memories of Thanksgiving Day, no memories of Tampa, no Dunn off-tackle for -4 yards.

I for one welcome the offseason, but will continue to cheer for MY Falcons, be I the only one in the bar still willing to claim them.


*Not a new member, old Name was under an old email*

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Here, here. It's not like we've anything to be ashamed of is it? Let Petrino go. Meanwhile it's shoulders square and chin up for us real fans. We'll come through it all, be better for it and we certainly won't miss that yellowback. We just have to bind together until post season. The best line in all of this? "I think it's already in the trash." Man thats cold!

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Winebird, I agree with you and you are not alone. All of us faithful fans will rise up, put on our jerseys and root for our team and new coach(whoever it may be). Now is the time for the Front Office to put their money and brains where their mouths are and make the steps to right this ship. We need to rally around our team and show our continued support.

Uncage the Dirty Birds dang it.

I want a competitive team.

I want a competent and dedicated coaching staff.

I want free beer & food in the dome for the crap we have been put through.(too much???)

Okay I am through rambling-I just love our team.

Go Falcons-----------Falcon Awesome

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