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Good Bye and Good Riddance . . . .


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Bobby Petrino -- get your *** and get out. Let's be about the business of playing NFL football -- not college ball! This man has shown himself to be slimy - when you give your word - you stand by it. It is called "Integrity" something of which this man obviously knows nothing. What kind of punk quits with only 3 games left - I could do that.

Mr. Blank - honey, i'm crying and pissed with you. But let's start over!!!! We can do it. Yes - we've suffered some setbacks, but out of adversity comes strength. To all of the naysayers -- this phoenix shall rise again.

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Shiney_McShine (12/13/2007)
Hayden (12/13/2007)
Because I am at work and did not have the time to search for them - is that ok with you>
:laugh: Every other thread is a Petrino Hate thread.....What is their to search?

Oh they are not all hate threads.

I saw one thanking him for uniting us because we realized how much of a dirtbag he was.

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