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The Falcons QB for the Future?

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I just wanted to ask, I know a lot of people were saying that we should draft Brohm, that's ofcourse before bobby pretrino left as our head coach. I know many were saying that because they thought he would have been a good fit for the Falcons given the fact he knew a lot about Petrino's system.

Whatever the case that's all in the past.

My question to everyone now given the current state of the Falcons if they draft a QB has your opinion of who they should draft changed since we are going to have a new head coach?

I know it's hard to really say untill you know what coach you get because it all depends on how they fit in their style of offense.

What QB do you draft now?

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formul8or (12/13/2007)
Luckily this draft is deep in QB's, but each has question marks surrounding them. I think the bowl games will give us a clearer picture of who we want, and then the Combine.

I'd like to pursue Derek Anderson myself and play it safe in the draft.

the browns are NOT letting anderson go. they might let quinn go though.

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grendel (12/13/2007)
archangelreb (12/13/2007)
I still want Eric Ainge.

Ainge is horrible... One site I saw had him listed as the #10 QB in this draft. The Tenn. people I've talked to aren't even impressed with him.

He is actually quite capable of making a pretty good quarterback in the NFL. The offensive play calling in Tennessee has been almost Petrino like.

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Under Petrino, I was a fan of drafting Brohm. I still am, but do admit that because the inherent advantage of Brohm coming into the NFL in an offense he knows - the field has evened out.

However, I still believe that Brohm is the best QB prospect coming into the draft this year and represents a solid building block to any teams future.

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June Jones said his QB is not a system QB.

like Tin Tebow and that he will turn out to be a better NFL QB!


He also said Brennan would excell in any offense, unlike Teboo!

i just want McFadden paired with a mobile QB either Brennan or The Braves 5th round pick!


Imagine in wonderland,

if he was the starting QB and on Braves in the same year,

like Deion.

"If you haven't already heard Dennis Dixon from the University of Oregon was drafted by the Atlanta Braves in the 5TH ROUND! Yes that's right, the 5th round. I don't know if you follow Oregon Ducks baseball. but they don't have a team. How do you get drafted in the 5th round when you are a senior starting quarterback for a school without a baseball team? They say they liked how he played in high school. He hasen't played baseball in four years for heavens sake. Well I guess you all will be laughing at me when he's starting in left field for the Atlanta Braves in 3 years. ' fan

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I wouldn't mind Brennan or Dixon....but hopefully we could get them in the 3rd round or so

I'm not a fan of picking a QB with a top 5 draft pick if that is what we end up with (which appears we will have at least a top 5 pick)

I'm hoping for Mcfadden or LT J.Long......I'd be HAPPY with either

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I still think Brohm is the best QB in the draft for anyone.

Whether we draft a QB high now is open to question. I'd say now we are in full blown build from the ground up mode (vs. rebuilding mode.) Who we draft 1st will depend on the philosophy of the new staff.

Use a high pick on a QB, or do they think they can find a guy in the 2nd or 3rd they can develop into a starting QB (and I would say we have 3 years now to do that.)

Do we use our top pick on a defensive player (and put the emphasis in the draft on defense) and attempt to win with defense for a few years while we build the offense to respectibility?

Do we draft an exciting offensive skill player so we can at least have an exciting player to watch while we are losing and building the offense and defense over the next few years?

My personal preference is to go the Chicago, Baltimore, and Tampa (Dungy era) route and build up the defense and win while you improve the offense. We're not that far away on the defense from being pretty good. And Zimmer is a quality DC.

Of course, the fatal mistakes all those teams made was never getting a franchise QB and actually improving the offense to a competetive level. The offense doesn't have to be great, but it does have to be better than average.

Great defense, better than average offense is a good forumla for winning. If we go that route, it doesn't preclude us from drafting Brohm (or another QB in the 1st), but it means we might go for someone line Dorsey or Laurentis (sp).

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nawlinsaintfan (12/13/2007)
I see there is absolutely no mention here of the best actual QB out there to be had.... Matt Ryan. Not suprised.

Matt Ryan is a waste of space. Dude is by far the worst decision maker at QB i have seen in the 1st 3 rounds of qb's this year. I wouldn't give a top 20 pick for that pile of trash.

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nawlinsaintfan (12/13/2007)
iDash (12/13/2007)

I dont know if a gay QB would be well respected in the locker room.

Doesn't seem to hurt Garcia.

But all jokes aside... he's the best QB prospect out there and no one here ever mentions him.

garcia is gay...so thats why tampa likes him so much!!!

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Hasn't changed my opinion at all. I didn't want Brohm before and I don't want him now for sure. He's tainted goods as far as I'm concerned. I fear for anyone who comes into ATL with a UL sticker on their bumper. Just asking for trouble.

I'd still go with Ryan, Woodson, Brennan, Dixon, JDB, Ainge, Mauk or the SD QB before I'd take Brohm. And I could get two or three of those guys in the 3rd or 4th round, while using my first 3-5 picks on making the OL and DL tremendously better, if not also getting another playmaker in the first or second round.

One thing I'm pretty sure of. Come draft day 08, the one name that will be in our slush pile or "do not select" list will be Brian Brohm. I bet our FO will stay away from all opportunities to have anything affiliated with Louisville come across your screen in reference to the Falcons on draft day.

I might even be tempted though not to take a QB in the first 5 rounds or 6 rounds, and perhaps take a kicker before I took a QB late. Then wait until 09 and take the 2nd best QB available or even 3rd. You might still be looking at the likes of Daniels, the guy from TT and Tebow (who could declare for the draft as a Junior). Now I wouldn't lean toward this option (waiting until 09), but stranger things have happened, and the QB crop in 08 is deep, but not as highly rated as past first round options.


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