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It all makes since now!


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I remember saying, as I defending the horse's you know what, that I thought he was running the Dunn up the middle as a sick joke to Blank to tell him he needed an o-line and a power back. It's almost sickening that I was even remotely close to the truth.

It looked many time like the play that was being ran was drawn up in the sand on the sideline (well if we had sand :P ). Now I can't really tell with certainty if Petrino was calling goofy plays or if the players weren't executing properly.

All I know is whoever the next coach is had better not run Dunn up the middle. I can't watch any more drive killing runs up the gut. Or that dink and dunk crap Harrington was doing, whether it was his or Petrino's fault.

I think Singletary would be the tough, stern coach while at the same time being a great motivator that this team needs. I don't think there is one person on this team who would not look up to and respect that man when he speaks. He could leave the coordinating and playcalling to his coordinators and just be the guy who brings out the best in everyone and lead the team.

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