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If Blank wants to stick it to Petrino


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I dont know why people are continuing to pile on Petrino, we have to get on with Falcon business and he isn't a Falcon anymore, but if people hate him so bad here is how you stick a knife in his back and have him puking in about 10 minutes............

Blank calls a press conference, (this doesn't have to be true)

and says the following,

AB: You know, after meeting with Rich yesterday and a couple others, we looked at this deal with an open mind and realized something. Our team is just terrible. We are going to move forward with the following. We're going to draft offensive and defensive lineman. We're going to sign some free agent linemen, maybe a corner, maybe a running back. Just whatever we have to do for the next 2 years to get the pieces in place. And then, well, we forgive Michael Vick. We believe in second chances and we're going to put the pieces in place for the young man to succeed. We've repented and prayed about it and Peta did get word of this earlier and sent 11 protesters. But, you know what, seems they love money. I went out and cut them all a check and they no longer have a problem with it. So, 2009, we will have the pieces in place and Michael will be back with the Atlanta Falcons........

Petrino will puke. Because that is the only reason he came here to begin with.....

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Didn't say it had to be true....... didn't say I wanted it to happen.

But Blank has this whole town on Petrino and nobody is even talking about the product.....

Listen to the soundbites..... Arthur is worried about the families..... Dunn says SAME THING. Harrington same thing........ stop with the word speak and address the future.......

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