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I am so upset at Bobby Petrino----how could you----you #%$^&


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It is so obvious that Bobby "the weasel" Petrino abused not only the coaches and there families, players, fans, and Arthur Blank. I feel so bad for Arthur who has tried tirelessly to construct a team and build a winning franchise with his money only to have Vick and now Petrino take advantage of him in the worst and most public way. Is there no respect or loyalty to the Falcon organization? It looks like a free-for-all the way everyone is out for themselves and Arthur is the nice guy writing million dollar checks. WOW am I mad.

I am so mad

I have been cursing Petrino for two days

I am so mad I will never use the name Bobby again

I am so mad I would take Vick back

I am so mad I went and gorged on drive through food

are you mad too?

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