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After Blanks PC yesterday i think he comes off the hip and hires a stud

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Blank is a business man and smart one at that. 2 times in the last 12 months hes been made a fool. I think hes pissed and willing to do whatever it takes to turn this thing around. I can see he coming off the hip and hiring what could be the highes paid Coach ever. Money talks and Blank has plenty. Never ##### off a rich man!

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I hope you're right. He will be looking to make a tremendous "splash" with the next hire, and it'll be someone with a very good track record who is known for handling things the way they need to be handled.

Does anyone have a list of those types of viable candidates (Cowher, Schottenheimer, etc). I'd like to get a list going of big named coaches that a big check might entice to jump on board and help us right this ship.


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michaelgee (12/13/2007)
It seems that Mike Singletary has the most character and may just be the right MAN to lead us.

I like the idea of singletary, but I worry about lack of experience. I thin we need a captain who can weather the storm because the captain has been through them AS CAPTAIN. Singletary has been through the storms, but only as a mate, and I think there is some unknown regarding what singletary could or would do. BUt with a proven coach, you know what you get. No more playing ATL, get a proven, experienced leader!!!!!

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