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My fellow Falcon fans:

Like many of you, I am at a loss for words when it comes to the state of the franchise that lies in my hometown. Also like many of you, I have been a fan of all ATL teams as long as I can remember. I claimed ATL before it was a trend. As I have lived in many cities and countries around the world, I often ridiculed for the support of the teams that couldn't achieve. Flashes of greatness in the 80's with the Coach Bennett teams, and true old school will never forget the Lieman Bennett (apologies for spelling errors) Falcons 12 days of Xmas song. But onto the point, I haven't had the opportunity to attend a game at the Georgia Dome, though I have always imagined it to be a place where the Falcons defended for the people. There was a certain atmosphere that should exist where the ATL fans rule and leave the opposition in the cheap seats. Unfortunately this hasn't always been the case. Atlanta fans over the years have earned a fickle rating by the masses, it is one of the worst sports towns in America, yada yada. Well, for those who are trendy, I would ask, what have the teams over the years done to keep the fans? Starting with the Hawks, even through the really rough times, the owners traded away the "Human Highlight". The Braves were always on the brink of true greatness, only to amass one championship, when it should clearly be at least 4, and the fans left, not all but a good number. Enter the turnaround of the Falcons. Dan Reeves. Someone who I thought would turn the team around and make them contenders, so much so that I bet a paycheck that the Falcons would make it to the superbowl during my 3 years while stationed in Pensacola, FL. Needless to say, my co-workers laughed at me. But I got the last laugh in 1998. Phase 2. Blank, finally an owner in the city who at least seems interested in his investment. The team makes serious moves in getting the franchise where it needs to be. Solid front office leadership, solid coaching. Solid Players. The Dome was packed for the Michael Vick experience, and the team made the playoffs more times in 5 years than it had in the last 20. I was there with you, a Vick supporter throughout. But what happened, there was not a true "Go To" receiver for him or any quaterback that the Falcons have had. For a good time, Terrence Mathis was the go to, under six feet and holds all/most of the team receiving records? The win now mentality that is sports has ruined the fanbase in my opinion. The expectations are higher than they should be. For those who said that the Falcons needed a pocket passing quarterback, what did that get the Falcons? The sure fire excuse that "the team was built for a running quarterback". Whatever, this year was a bomb for many reasons. Mike Vick could have been injured all year again, what would the outcome be? The COWARD that is boobie didn't plan very well. The front office didn't think things through. Matt Schaub could have stayed in ATL and not had a great year, then what. But though it all, the fans have suffered along with the team. But the question I pose to you all, are you still down? Are you still down to represent and support your team? I know I am, I remember the days where they didn't sell anything about Atlanta anywhere but Georgia. Hats & Jerseys is what I can do while I'm overseas, but I'm asking all of you true fans out there that I see at the Dome when the Falcons are on TV to not give up. I want to be there with you raising **** for the opposition. Good or bad it's the team I represent whenever I can, I believe if the enter city could do this, the players will truly believe that we have their backs. Cities like Green Bay and Pittsburgh are like that, why aren't we? Thanks for the opportunity to rant, I look forward to joining in on your topics and jawing with the non ATL fans. I am out.

ATLien Est. 1973

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