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OMG ... if you guys need comic relief

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a guy, who was being interviewed about Petrino mentioned his son was mauled by a dog, and petrino brought him an autographed football and jersey. Then the interview started talking about Petrino not being social or outspoken, but on the field he is the MOST outspoken extroverted guy in the world with the refs. The dumb interviewer then said something to the effect "yeah, so Petrino MAULS the referees, like your son got mauled by that dog!""":w00t:

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The only thing I can wonder is if they are speaking about the Bobby Petrino that just quit here...

If interpersonal relationships are so important, it might be wise to re-sign in person and address your team.

He's the most aggressive outspoken coach he's ever seen in any sport towards refs? Bobby Knight? Lou Pinella? He sounded old enough to have seen Billy Martin & Earl Weaver in their day as well...

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