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Petrino sabotaged our season!


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After what has transpired I wonder if after we were doing well early on, (the win after the Houston game and how we were competing) if Petrino didn't do any sabotage to try to make us fail. After reading that he wanted to go to college for awhile and it was all about "making it happen", you have to question the bad decisions he had made such as pulling Joey in the Ten game, the kicker situation, the release of Rossum and Grady (even though he knew there was no depth if another Dlineman went down), the punting on 4th downs when he should have went for it. The bad play calling, the lack of utilization of the teams players in the right capacity, the increased use of rookies and practice squad guys instead of veterans. I could only imagine the bull he fed the guys in the locker room and I blame him for alot of the separation of the players in the locker room. He divided the team and hurt the team, people here can attest to the fact that I've been calling this guy out since week 3, sure I'm a Joey fan but I'm also a Falcons fan and I could tell he was making far too many mistakes for even a rookie coach. Heck even the Maddenites of todays society could have made better decisions he made with regards to using Norwood more, to realizing the blocking schemes were failing and that we shouldnt keep running up the middle with Dunn over and over. Looking back you could tell he didn't care the last month or so, it seems like after Byron failed in the Tampa game, Petrino simply mailed it in and didn't care.

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