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The Official "WE LIKE MIKE SINGLETARY" thread...

Superfan !

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And for the people who are saying it's because he's a Hall-Of-Famer, I couldn't care less. I believe there are other people who fit the bill as a potential head coach, and I'm as hopeful as the next Falcons fan that the right person will finally be selected.

That said, here's why I like Mike Singletary:

- Has a strong desire to lead. Some might see this as a fault, but I disagree. In point of fact, I think this has been our biggest flaw since Dan Reeves was fired. Jim Mora didn't want to lead, Jim Mora wanted to make friends and go out and have fun. Bobby Petrino didn't want to lead, Bobby Petrino wanted to be a bully and berater of men. Mike Singletary has shown the desire to be a leader of men and the ability to be respected and well liked by those same men.

- Shows a strong moral character. To some this is no doubt a big "Who cares?" but I know I'm not alone in feeling that this is a major factor in a head coach. Coach Petrino showed, by abandoning his team as he did, that he has no concern for anyone but himself. It's entirely speculation, but I simply cannot see Coach Singletary being that kind of person. Mike Singletary will never quit on his team.

- Knows defense. He may not have a lot of experience, as many naysayers have pointed out, but he's obviously made a name for himself out of what experience he does have. And based on how good Patrick Willis is for the 49ers, I think there's evidence out there of his ability to get the job done.

Naturally there are cons as well. It is hard to dismiss his lack of experience, especially in the face of Petrino's antics. Heck, I brought the same issues up myself just yesterday. Obviously we don't know what kind of coaching philosophy he has or would bring to the table, but then again we knew exactly what Mora and Petrino were bringing to the table...and it stunk.

I have no idea if Mike Singletary is the next Head Coach of the Falcons. I have no idea if he even should be the next Head Coach of the Falcons. All I know is, he has a lot of potential and frankly, I like Mike.

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BlacksburgHokie (12/12/2007)
Remember, when we were looking for a new coach last offseason, Blank and McKay each had identified a candidate who they liked to fill the position. Blank ended up deferring to McKay, and we hired the coach that he wanted.

Anyone remember who the coach that Blank wanted was?

Mike Singletary.

You are correct.
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Just tell me... why do you want Mike Singletary... other then the obvious everyone has been bringing up in other threads (color of his skin)..

SF = 2007

22nd YPG

23rd Points Allowed

28th 3rd Downs Made

SF= 2006

26th YPG

32ND Points Allowed

29th 3rd Downs Made

I mean i understand he appeals to you.. but i would rather hire someone as our Head Coach that is at least proven.. and is not just the appealing candidate name wise...

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im sorry.. but everyone jumping on the singletary bandwagon is just nuts... he hasn't had great success in SF... and basically everyone is basing their opinions on Press Conferences and ESPN data.. i mean seriously... why would you want another unproven coach... especially one that has been coaching for one of the worst teams in the league

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That video of him and Lewis really got me pumped up.

It made me want to suit up and run full speed into a wall! Not really but almost!!

I think he has the motivational skills to revive this team from the dead.

Him and Zimmer (if he stays) could do wonders with this defense.

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