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Funny thing is that everyone is making a list of great head coaches ...

They are all guys who have been fired ... guys who dont have jobs ...

The Falcons will be one of maybe 6 teams looking for a coach ...

How many great head coaches are out there that are available ...

How many of the guys got ran out of town from their last team ...

Some of these guys will be good, some might be ok, some might be so - so

I want someone who will lead us to greatness, some one hungry some one who is a winner

someone we can look in the eye and know he is telling us like it is ...


Played for Woody Hayes, Played for Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan, He was a great NFL Player, he has been a successful business man working with people from all walks of life, he has been a great coach, works as a color analyst doing the national radio game of the week so he knows each team around the league

He is everything that BOBBY STINK-A-Reeno was not ...

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