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What dissapoints me most...


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Is how the fan attendance and support for the team as plunged in the toilet from the start of this season. I know that your not gonna sell out every game with a bad team on the field, but if you look at squads like Cleveland & Kansas City, you see fan bases riding through the ugly and pitiful with the team. Why cant it be like that with MY Falcons? I mean was Mike Vick really the only thing the city liked about the Falcons? Im not trying to get into the process of categorizing real fans and bandwagon fans..but just Atlanta fans altogether. It hurts to not be able to tell if the crowd is booing or cheering when the Falcons do something good. Nobody could see the Vick thing coming, but to see with my very eyes the fan base abandoning the franchise is what suprised me. I admit, Im a fairly modern fan that really got into football with the 97-98 superbowl season. Maybe thats why Im not use to seeing the dome so empty like this. Maybe thats why, concerning the Falcons, this is my biggest disappointment of all.

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