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BLANKS! Perfect candidate for head coach!!!


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You know who the Falcon should hire as head coach if NOT Bill Cowher/Tony Dungy/Bill Billick?


That's right, yall! I'll work cheaper than any other nfl head coach, too!! **** just put me in an extended stay hotel (maybe $250/week) and pay for my meals and give me $50 a week and **** yeah, boyyyyyyyyyyyyy, cheapest head coach ever!!

I like McD's too so meals will be cheap!

Think! For less than $500/week, that's only 26,000 per year salary! ****! Punters would make more than me! BUt that's ok!

I can guarantee you I'm smarter than that chump Bobby Petrino! I'll get you 8-8 my first season and that's a promise! Second season, 11-5 and a playoff appearance - up my pay another $50 per week and I'll turn that guarantee into a conference championship game appearance!!!

By third year? Yeah boyyyyyyyy, going to the superbowl!

THEN once I'm proven we can discuss a real contract! And **** son I'll still be cheaper than other coaches! I love the Falcons, yo, that ain't no lie, I wanna see my boys do good and show up all them yanks!

C'mon Blanks and McKay think it over...why not? You hired a ##### who installed a power back scheme and didn't get a power back! I'm smarter than that!

Just let me sign Michael Turner in the offseason, let me trade off some mid level draft picks for veteran and still able bodied linemen, let me trade for Matt Cassel and develop him as a Romo-like qb of the future (until Florida's Tebow enters the draft in two years) and we'll all be good!

I'll even play ##### and keep Byron on as team benchwarmer if it'll make you happy, know what I'm sayin'?

That was a stupid waste of $6 million!


I WORK CHEAP! And I'm smarter than Petrino! And more loyal!

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