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FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Falcons players returned to practice Wednesday, the day after Bobby Petrino announced his resignation as head coach. Below is a sampling of the reaction to Petrino's sudden departure from the players he coached for 13 games this season.


"He was new to this [head coaching in the NFL], and I think he was just built to be a college coach."

"The key to success on this level is that guys want to have to play for you... He's coming in thinking that he needed to put the fear of God into someone, but that's not the case at this level. Maybe in college, but not at this level."


"We stood up there and took the arrows for him. He preached team, and he preached family; and then he quit on us. That's not what a man does."

"He lied to us. After the Monday night game [against the Saints], he said we all need to go home and take a look in the mirror, and see what we can do to make this team better. And then he left."


"It's kind of messed up. If he doesn't want to put the hard work into it, then I don't want him being my coach."

"To see him with the big Razorback behind him, smiling; to see his wife accepting flowers, like it was the Kentucky Derby, I got mad."

"He allowed us to be embarrassed on national television, while he's cutting a deal [with Arkansas]... We didn't realize we had a cancer on our team in the form of a head coach."


"While he was here, I didn't know too much about Petrino. He wasn't a player's type coach. [Former Arkansas Head Coach] Nutt was the type of coach you can call on a day-to-day basis. You look to him as a father-figure. I didn't feel that way with Coach Petrino."


"I hurt for our owner, who definitely expressed how hurt he was."

"When you stress to other men how you should act and what a man should do, when you put it up on the bulletin boards and hang it up on the wall, and then you don't live by it, it makes it look bad for you."


"I got a letter from him. To me, that shows no sign of respect. That's no class...to lie to Mr. Blank the way he did, and the next day after the game the way he did. He short-changed us.

"I feel for our fans, because those are the people who suffer."

"I don't have anything to say to him [Petrino]. What do I need to say to him? Coach Petrino is the past, and Coach Thomas is the present."


"I've never seen anything so selfish like that ever in my life.

"When I got [Petrino's] letter this morning, I just threw it off my seat onto the ground and walked away. I wasn't going to read about what he says and how selfish he is."

"If you're going to preach being a team player, you have to BE a team player."

"For him just to quit on us like this - after him preaching 'don't ever quit' to us - it just doesn't make sense to me."

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