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i dont post here much as i basically like to observe things that are going on around me. ive read alot of the posts on here about the falcons from all that has happened this year. ive read all the back and forth about players, coaches, schemes. all the name calling that goes on these boards and all of the opinions that people have. with that being said....

after watching the player interviews and the press conference i must say that i am proud to be a fan of the atlanta falcons. mostly from the player interviews i think the falcons have a good core of player leadership on this team. i think we have a owner that wants to provide a winning team on the field. i think these guys do put their heart and soul into trying to win every game that they play.

whether or not we have the talent right this second is obviously apparent. i dont think we do. but i do think that they try every second to play the right way and leave it on the field. i think AB wants to give the fans a superbowl championship, and i think he will do whatever he can to provide that to us.

with everything that has happened this year, (vick, player injuries, player transactions, etc.) this has been the hardest year of maybe any football organization (except maybe Marshall back in the day).

i think AB and RM will hire a great leader of men, a motivator, and continue to do well with the draft and building the core of this team with strong character players and get the players we need to obtain what every other team wants, a NFL championship.

will there be even more growing pains? absolutely. but i think that petrino leaving the way in which he did can pull this team together and finally have them lean on each other. with the vick thing, it was a big blow. but in a broad sense players come and go (trade, injuries, etc.) but with the departure of your head coach under this type of circumstance the players will now look at each other as "we are the ones that are here, that want to win, and we got to lean on each other completely.)

im no wordsmith, as my mind and emotions usually go faster than i can type, so this may seem somewhat of a juvenile posting, and thats fine. i just wanted to say that after its all said and done i support this team, MY team, and hope, pray, and have faith that they can rebound and play like i know they can and win out the rest of the season and show all of the naysayers both here and abroad, that they want to win, can win, and most importantly, WILL WIN!!!!

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