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Who should replace McKay?


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Why would you want to replace the guy who was the leading candidate to be the nfl commisioner before he withdrew his name? A guy who just completed a draft with 7-9 potential starters? A guy that drafted Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp, Ronde Barber, Deangelo Hall, Michael Boley, Roddy White, Trey Lewis, Chris Houston, and the list goes on? Rich McKay will rebuild this organization. Thanks to him, we have the talent here now that creates a great nucleus to start with. With all the picks next year, we will have another great draft. We just need a man to lead the talent that he brings in. Mike Singletary!

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I think McKay drafts defensive players well, just not as good at offensive players. I think whether he goes should depend on the coach chosen and how much control over personnel matters that coach will have. If it is an up and coming coach, we should keep him. If we get an established coach, that coach will probably want control over players too. I don't necessarily think McKay should be let go. I think he has done a good job overall. I just see a lot of posts wanting him gone, but have not seen any good ideas for a replacement.

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BlacksburgHokie (12/12/2007)
When he was in Tampa Bay, he hired a coach too that turned out to be pretty good.

Does the name "Tony Dungy" ring any bells?

Well so far in Atlanta he has hired Jim Mora and Bobbie Petrino......

His ability to judge portential NFL Head Coaches seems to be declining

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