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Mr. Blank Please Get A New Coach Now!!! Schottenheimer or Cower

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I'd love to see Cowher - it ain't gonna happen but I'd love it. What I would love MORE, however, would be to see Cowher get hired and then bring in Chan Gailey as offensive coordinator. It would be great to see them together again. But alas, it's only wishful thinking.

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begging blank isn't going to do any good.

McKay's plan is to make a list and then throw darts at that list to pick one.

blank likes good interviews and McKay likes to surprise people


on nfl network jamie dukes just talked to blank and asked his criteria on a new coach. blank said they had a criteria grid they will be adjusted on its use in picking the next coach because of these last 2 experiences. blank also said he wouldnt rule out another college coach.

blank appears to be very upset about this ordeal, his expressions kinda reminds me of reeves expressions during media exit interview when he was fired

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