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We Passed Up A Quarterback


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Hey guys, i dont know how many of you noticed this but we passed up brady quinn in the draft. We knew that mike was in trouble because he was in the news before the draft and he met with the commish the day of the draft. If we knew that he would be gone it would have suited us a whole lot better to take quinn instead of Anderson. we could take a DE this year in the draft THAT WILL GET US SACKS AND IS NOT FROM ARKANSAS! by the way we took two players from Arkansas early in the draft: Chris Houston and Jamal Anderson.

If we could go back in time how many of you think we should have taken quinn?

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God i hate fans like you...lol......hindsight is 20/20....Vick had not been Indicted....and Anderson was the best pick for what we needed after losing Kerney...which btw....is LIGHTING IT UP in Seattle.....if we could go back....we trade up and get Quinn and Omobe Okoye the DT that went to the Texans which i dont know if you know...Petrino commited to drafting him....and then snuffed him off.....just in case you guys were wondering.....but realistically at the time no way with Vick not indicted can you draft and pay quinn 8th overall pick money...just cant do it....

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