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Any employers out there? Wouldn't you be a little alarmed if...

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bigbirdfan75 (12/12/2007)
If you were about to hire someone and you knew the person had another job and was going to leave without giving any notice, wouldn't that send up a red flag?

I'm working a s a recruiter now, and I ahve a hard time placing  "job hoppers". Many companies do not like people who do not ahve good job stability.

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Not only is he a "job hopper", but what has he really done in coaching? 41-9 with a team in a questionable conference that plays... Rutgers? Pittsburgh? 41-9 isn't even that good. That's about what Mark Richt has gone for at Georgia and noone is knocking down his doors.

They can have him.

Arthur, I love your passion for ownership. But please, let someone else pick your coach this time!

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