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OK Fan Lets have it! Bobby Petrino is a coward and a quitter!

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3 Candidates I have in mind right away are:

1. Bill Cowher - This is a solid choice because he is a straight up guy like me. He tells it like it is and hangs with an organization when the chips are down. He is loyal, dedicated, and lives in NC which would be a perfect fit for him. We have to go after him!

2. Ron Rivera - This guy is Mr. Defense! This should be our number 1 priority is making our defense tough like Baltimore and Chicago last year. We will have to address our offense but it's a few years away from being fixed. With a couple of key defensive acquisitions it will be tough for opponents to score on us.

3. Maybe Mike Singletary - Mr Defense again... I would love to see a system brought in that would make our defense stout. I really like these 3 in this order.

What do you guys think?

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