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Excellent quote by Mel Kiper on ESPN about the Petrino Situation

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From a recent chat:

Mark (NC): Mel, Does the Arkansas AD really think Petrino won't shed his skin again if a better offer shows up in a few months?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:16 PM ET ) That I can't answer. For me, it's disappointing. It's perplexing. I was stunned. I knew the possibility existed based on everything I read and heard. But when you have a contract, they mean something. When you have a contract, you fulfill that contract unless you're fired. Why sign if you don't plan on fulfilling it? If you're going to have this type of year, it's expected with everything going on. Everybody thought Atlanta would lose this year based on everything. They had a lot of QBs who were thrown in there. Why would you leave an NFL team high and dry, during the season? If he had done this when the season is over...but it's about recruiting. But what about the Falcons? But you fulfill the contract to the end, not just until the better deal comes around. It's disappointing that there's no loyalty and committment. They gave you the chance to be one of 32 coaches in the king of sports - the NFL. You leave Louisville to go to Atlanta and 24 hours after you play a Monday night game you leave. Obviously he was looking at this opportunity at the time. It's a total disservice to the Atlanta Falcons.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:18 PM ET ) Two things I take from this is he better win an SEC championship at Arkansas. Nutt won at Arkansas. He better win an SEC championship to do better than him. Second, if I'm an NFL owner, I am never going to look at a college coach again for my head coach. It's not a 12-month a year job like it is in the NFL. Fortunately there are two Hall of Fame NFL coaches sitting out there - Cowher and Schottenheimer.

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