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Possible 2008 Coach

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I have yet to see anyone mention this name but if someone already has I apologize.

But how would you all feel about making a run at Marty Schottenheimer? The dude's got tons of experience and a great deal of success, just no Super Bowls or anything to cement that success. I feel he is among the best candidates out there, maybe second to Cowher...

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Whatever we do we need to get it done BEFORE the Senior Bowl.

There is a real good chance they would ask our staff to coach one of the teams.

One good thing about Marty is that he has experience doing that.

I'll tell you one thing he has going for him. The job he did in Washington before they canned him. I think they finished 8-8 but they started out REALLY badly but finished strong.

Snyder canned him so he could hire Steve Spurrier.

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