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Which Head Coach Do You Prefer?


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I voted Zimmer and McKay, Because McKay did a good job on the last draft. Also I believe Zimmer deserves a shot. He is a good coach and has been good for our D. If we go another direction however, I hope that we are able to keep Zimmer as our DC. But if we make him HC we would need to bring in a great OC or if Hue shows he is good the next 3 games we couild keep him as OC and see if he becomes great. I think this senerio would require the least transition for the players. Remember guys the players have gone through what would be now the third scheme change in a 1yr. span.

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A head coach is one thing, but you have to look at the staff they could bring with them as well. Cowher's very accomplished assistants have all moved onward and upward, so you're not bringing in the Bill Cowher machine even if you could get him to come here.

As you'll note from my sig, I really like the idea of Doug Plank. Consider this - I have heard Doug Plank has a good relationship with the Ryan boys (Buddy Ryan's sons). Brian Billick is expected to be out in Baltimore next year. They are going to want to go offense, which means the chance of Rex Ryan moving up from Defensive Coordinator to Head Coach are probably unfairly poor, but if Doug could get him to come here, now you're already in football games from day one.

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