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Rate Petrino as a Head Coach

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The Falcon Ace (12/12/2007)
There is no doubt in my mind he knew his X's and O's and he could reallly motivate players when needed(2nd half of Rams game?). However, his people skills and his work ethic is simply worthless.

We were in plenty of games or leading games at half-time and came out and lost in the second half of games. Minnesota comes to mind right now.

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IonSen88 (12/12/2007)
On a scale of 1-10, -16. The guy sucked....He couldn't spot a good RB on his own bench, offensive master mind couldn't help this offense score more than about 10 points a game, he cannot lead men, he just made our players angry, and he didn't know how to use a challenge flag.
Ion I love your avatar. That's funny:laugh:
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What did he do here?

He had a 3-10 record. Lets not forget that those three teams were the Panthers with a guy about to collect social security at QB, the 49ers without Frank Gore, and the Texans without really any of their receivers. None of those are quality wins.

Our offense was terrible, he made several questionable calls, and the players hated him.

None of those are good things. I cant point to a single good thing he did all year. It would have been fine if he came back year 2 and had reshaped the team into a playoff caliber team, but he never did.

Honestly I dont know how you could give him any credit for anything.

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