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It is one thing to want justice, but to actually take pleasure in someone downfall brings back karma. Sense we did not cherrish 5yrs. of sold out dome, primetime spots on tv,out of towners wanting to wear a falcons jersey.rednecks & blacks slapping hands half buzzed off beer.

Now we will experiance, the boycotting of the nfl for any monday night football,no other prime time spots,fans leaving the game before halftime. a dull tellgate ( i was there monday night, buzz is gone).we willprobably have to resort to extortion to get somebody to sign here. maybe drug somebodys drink. OH and good luck finding someone to coach this migrane. isnt it strange how petrino left us the same night vick got indicted. If this isnt the sign of a curse, i dont know what is? so get ready to experianc 5 yrs. of pain. ( it will be like swallowing castoroil). Now there is a joke they used to tell a long time ago when the falcons really sucked. Here it goes:

A falcons fan is getting ready to go home after the game. he goes to the parking lot to find his car window punched out. He opens the door to check what has been stolen. He checks the glove compartment and finds two new falcons tickets to next weeks game.( the promotional department will fill the dome buy any means nessecary next year).

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