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Bobby, if you thought the NFL was tough, wecome to the SEC!


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The Big East was the 'Big Easy' compared to the juggernauts you will be facing in the SEC.

I'll be looking forward to seeing you get your ### handed to you often amongst college football's elite.

I realize how bad Arkansas was desperately looking for a coach to hire you. How could they EVER feel there was any kind of honor and loyalty to you as a man?

You'll get what you have coming on a regular basis in the SEC.

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I took a look at Arkansas' schedule next season. LMAO!!!! I'm not too sure if he'll fair any better there than he did here.

Arkansas' 2008 Schedule

Louisiana-Monroe - Ok, he'll open his career there with a win

Alabama - GO TIDE!!!!


Florida - LOL!

@Auburn - LOL!

@Kentucky - LOL!

Ole Miss - LOL!

@South Carolina - LOL!

@Miss St - Maybe another win

LSU - LMAO!!!!!

Seriously, I see them starting out 1-5. He'll be polishing up his resume and interviewing the rest of the season. LMAO at their schedule his first season!!!!!!

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