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I wonder how Paul Petrino feels right now

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grendel (12/12/2007)
He's got an important role with the team now.

Kind of like how in ND all the players slap the sign on the way to the field, now all the players kick Paul Petrino in the nuts on the way to the field ;)

I'm going to get me a cut out of Petrino to place at the bottom of my stairs on game day to kick in the nuts on my way to the TV.

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I think there is a 99% chance that Paul will be leaving this offseason too.

We all know that Hugh Jackson was the reason our wideouts have improved overall as a group...they only had 8 TD's all of last season....this year they combine for 14 TD's, granted 4 of those were off of turnovers caused directly by them, but at least they are scoring TD's.

But yeah, Hugh Jackson is the main reason Roddy has improved so dramatically.

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