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We could lose Zimmer to Nebraska


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Zimmer turned down the HC job at Nebraska in the past to stay in the NFL, becuase he thought he had a good chance of getting an NFL head coaching job. Nebraska is again looking for a HC, and you've got to think Zimmer is on their list again. If Zimmer doesn't get the Falcons HC job, you've got to think he will seriously consider Nebraska if the make an offer.

The other thing I'm reading is the Falcons came within a hair of hiring Singletary the last time out, but went with Petrino because of HC experience. You've got to think that if the Falcons fail to land someone like Cowher, that Singletary is the most likely candidate. The fact that he is an African-American would give him the edge over any others (I hate to bring race into it, but given the racial boiling pot Atlanta is over the Vick stuff, a Black head coach is exactly what is needed to unite the city/fans and get this franchise focused on the future insstead of the past.)

Unless the Falcons get lucky and land Cowher (or somehow get someone like Lovie Smith from Chicago), my guess is Singletary is the guy.

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