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Is it time to replace Rich McKay?


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With every purge the Falcons go through, I have to ask what is the only thing that never changes? Rich McKay

Where does all of this bad advice given to Mr Blank come from? Rich McKay

Mr Blank wants to win, something keeps derailing us again and again.

I keep coming back to the same place, Rich McKay.

as for Petrino, like everybody else I wanted it to work.

Apparently Petrino's bullet WAS too big for his barrel. His talk about "competing" makes me want to puke. Today, Petrino is just the most recent mistake for the Falcons.

I see all of the I told you so posts today, rubbish, all of us wanted the Falcons to win and get better.

There are no words to describe how bad it feels to be a Falcon Fan today.

Somehow, someway, we need to get this right this time.

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