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Leader of Men


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This guy along with Deion Sanders and a few others get it. This team needs a leader of men. Not a offensive coach, not a defensive coach, but a leader of men. I'm sorry but the only two that fit that description in my opinion is Mike Singletary and Bill Cowher. Lovie Smith, Bellicheck, and Dungy are others, they are not available. Mike and Bill would command instant respect from players both young and old. I know Bill would bring in high quality coaches based on reputation alone. If Mike is hired, we could keep to darn good coordinators in Jackson and Zimmer. Back in 2004, me along with many others clamored for Blank to hire Lovie. Blank went against McKay (wanted Lovie) and took Mora. I wanted Singletary earlier this year. We got the snake. Blank, do the right thing this year. Petrino's leaving gives you a perfect opportunity to right the ship for years to come.

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Dedsquirrl (12/12/2007)
How would it work if they did pursue Singletary?

I know part of his Title is Assistant HC.

I can't remember if that could draw draft picks into the signing or if that means that they can deny interviews for any position lower than HC.

It would not require any draft pick compensation. That would only be the case if he were to do a lateral move to the Falcons, meaning, we hired him to be the same thing he is now with the 49ers. Generally, teams tend not to stop coordinators from trying to get promotions as head coaches. I would have no problem with Singletary being here, however, I don't think Hue Jackson is the guy to resurrect this offense. We need to find an established offensive mind to rebuild that side of the ball.

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