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Guys with NFL head coaching experience


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IMHO, the Falcons will only be looking at guys with prior head coaching experience. After the last two fiascos, the Falcons need a known quantity. Not only to get the players in line, but also to bring fans back to the dome.

Bill Cowher - Initally, he looks like the dream candidte. Despite the talk about his family, Cowher left Pitt for two reasons: money and control. I don't think Blank would have any problem opening the bank, but the control part worries me. Cowher had the ideal support structure in Pitt. We know he is a great coach, but how would he do on personnel issues? That's the unknown. We could end up in a similar situation as we had under Dan Reeves. Great coach, poor talent evaluator. My gut tells me Blank still wants a guy that works with the front office/GM, not one that wants to be both coach and GM.

Dan Reeves - The guy we probably should have held onto. I don't think Blank's pride will let him go back here. Plus, Reeves will be 64 next season. I think Blank is looking for someone to be here for more than just a few years.

Marty Schottenheimer - At first glance, also an ideal candidate. Has rebuilt teams before & is respected. He will also be 66 next season. Like Reeves, he would be a short term solution.

Jimmy Johnson - not available

Bill Parcells - not available

Mike Martz - In my gut, my least favorite candidate. Still, has been very sucessful as a head coach. Has an offensive system that he has made work not only in St. Louis, but in Detroit (where nothing works). Was part of the Rams and Lions during rebuilding years, so understands what it takes to get a franchise moving in the right direction. Also has a strong history of molding 2nd tier QBs into starters. On the downside, has an ego the size of Montana, but he does seem willing to work with a GM.

Steve Mariucci - Did well in SF, but totaly failed in Detroit. He seems like a coach that does well with a good support structure, but isn't the guy you want to rebuild a franchise.

If you can think of any others, list them. We are talking about guys with NFL head coaching experience, as I think it is a long shot the Falcons go with a coordinator with no head coaching experience.

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I have always been a firm believer that we should have never let Dan Reeves go. He had a bad season due to injuries, and Blank canned him. Forget Blank trying to get over his ego to hire Reeves back. Why would Reeves want to come back to a team that fired him, because the owner thought he knew more about football than he did. Hopefully Blank has learned from his mistakes.

Bill Cowher would be my top choice. Martz would be a risk, but maybe he can find us a Kurt Warner, and allow us to focus on other needs. As a Falcon Fan, I am lost. I am not sure where we go from here, but we are going to be better off.

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I am still in a bit of shock but I immediately thought of Marty Shottenheimer.

The guy ain't a quitter.

Heck, they have to run him out of town.

Fired after going 14-2.

I want to see what he would do with Norwood.

I also thought about Russ Grimm.

One of the Hogs.

I would love to see his attitude imbued into our OLine.

My brain hurts.

I hate Petrino.

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