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BILL COWHER............please Santa!!!!!


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Setzertopia (12/12/2007)
"Tonight, on the Hallmark Channel, a little boy hopes the needs of his professional football team will melt the heart of the stoic, but ultimately loveable Head Coach Bill Cowher. Be there at 8 Eastern / 7 Central for 'The Falcons' Christmas Miracle'!"

LOL, No sh#t

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downsouthfalconsman (12/12/2007)
that would be too good to be true.....never gonna happen

Why would you feel that way? Coach Cowher did not say he was retiring he said he wanted to be closer to home and his family which is in No Carloina ! not much more opportunity than here for that plus he would have an obvious good opportunity to build this team in the manner he desired! With a owner that we know will support him fully!

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Why would any upper tier coach like Cowher want to take over this train wreck of a team ? The Falcs are probably most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL at this point with the possible exception of Miami.

The Raiders had trouble finding a coach last year for the same reasons. Two or three people turned them down because they didn't want to go into a totally screwed up situation.

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