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Would you allow your child to be coached by Petrino ?


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I can only shake my head in wonder at the audacity of Bobby Petrino and the U of Arkansas ! I suppose a Pig is the only fitting mascot for a university that would announce with pride the hiring of a man who has no integrity and obviously very little loyalty and honor!

Mr Petrino lied to his players ! he lied to his boss and the owner of the Falcons MR Blank! Yet he stood on a podium and was introduced as a man of respect and integrity! I would never let my child attend a school with such a low regard for the honor and integrity that they propose to stand for nor would I ever let him play for a coach of such low moral fiber. A great part of College Athletics is not just to win but to build character, in order to do so you must have character. :crying:

I truly feel sorry for our team and for Arthur Blank to have had to bear through this year of disappointments and letdowns hopefully it will help to galvanize and unify a team that has now a common goal! and set a unified face for the future!

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Good for you! I am happy to see that there are people who realize the lesson to be learned by children regarding integrity, loyalty, obligations and not quitting in the middle of a commitment. The irony is that a learning institution such as Arkansas would promote this type of behavior. What does this say about our learning institutions?

Someone in Arkansas needs to do some sole searching!

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