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Petrino leaving may be best for all.


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I'm listening to Lenny P. on 790 and it s amazing how he echo s what I have said all along. Lenny was asking how in the world did Petrino get as much power as he did here in ATL?

I felt that Petrino didn't need to have the power to say, D Hall, Crumpler, and Grady Jackson all should go. I know a lot of board members felt that D Hall should go, that s insane! D. Hall and Crumpler are the answer for any team in the NFL. Grady Jackson was one of our best D linemen. I always felt that you better be 100% sure Petrino is the guy. If you are not sure and you let him rip the team apart, you would be left with a wreck when he leaves. At least he left before he could do even more damage to the roster.

Now maybe some things will be easier in free agency and the draft. Maybe the next coach will just want upgraded talent on the O line and not necessarily a 320 lbs guy. A durable RB does not have to be a 225 lbs guy. This off season is going to be way more interesting than I originally thought it would be.

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