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I haven't been on these boards in forever, but after the events of last night, how could there be no reaction from anyone who calls themselves a fan of this team.

As much as I wanted to jump through the TV last night and take action with my own hands, today I feel the need to call all Falcon fans to join in a show of solidarity for these players. DeAngelo Hall made all of us proud last night, and what better time can we all show our pride and support than the time that we're not only down, but being kicked in the face at the same time.

I've been through Deion in a another uniform claiming this was his house, Jeff George taking a victory lap and now a coach leading a pig suey cheer 24 hours after coaching this team on Monday Night Football.

So I'm calling on all who can to fly your car flags today. This is a simple gesture, for sure, but one that would show those that do still love this team around the city, with all that's been going on the last two days, you're still our guys and we are with you through the good and the bad.

I expect, regardless of the situation, for you to lay it all on the line on Sunday for me. In turn, I want all of us who really care to show during the week that in our darkest hour that we will too.



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