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Anyone wanna see June Jones and Colt Brennan here next season?


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June surely has learned the lesson of how his spread/run and shoot offense does not work in the NFL. But he certainly does develop offenses, has the experience and his contract is up at Hawaii after the Sugar Bowl.

Brennan would be exciting and has the skill set to play QB at this level. He will also likely be available with our second pick, alllowing us to draft another need in the first round.

However, if I was June JOnes, I'd stay at Hawaii. I'm sure they plan to offer him a nice contract after their success of the past few seasons.

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On one hand I would like to see Jones but if I

had to make the choice myself that wouldn't

be it. I like to be entertained but I also like to

win. Singletary is intriguing but no head coaching

gig and his team currently is awful so I would

think that would be reaching for what might be.

Chan Gailey makes a lot of sense but no, he is

boring. Ditto for Cowher that is his teams bore

me. They do tend to win so he is a better option.

Marty ball would be traumatic for a lot of our

thumb sucking players. In short I don't have my

man for the job identified yet.

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