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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


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Chow baby.

So long and good riddance.

Petrino was clueless. I'm sure there have been worse coaches in the NFL, but none currently come to mind. Sure, Miami is 0-13, but their coach is still coaching. Still working and still trying. Purina got chewed up and spit out like a mouthful of funky dog food.

The Good:

Petrino is gone. Blank can't make 3 bad decisions in a row.

The Bad:

McKay is still GM and President. I heard the guys on 790 talking yesterday and they pointed out that we have MAYBE 13 solid players on our 53 man roster. That means we have 40 positions to fill. How do you end up in this position.

The Ugly:

Blank is already trying to figure out a way to spin this so he can raise tix prices. Watching the 2000 fans left in the GA Dome on MNF was the ultimate slap in the face to a Billionaire who has mismanaged this team into the giant ##### it currently is. Not even a shiny piece of corn sticking out that light will reflect off of. Blank, you are the man. Good work. Great decision making. Enjoy your empty dome.

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