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I want to coach the Falcons.

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And I don't need a paycheck that does anything more than keep me clothed, fed, and housed. I will hire private investigators to check on my owner's players. I will enforce dicilpline by suspending players that embarass the organization. And we will work to elevate the level of football skill beyond glory. ****, boys, stop playing with yourselves.

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no. our situation is much more complicated. the focus must be in developing a team. we do not have a team. our team is divided. it is clear.

I don't know if anyone noticed, but, if you go to the NFL website and research the individuals who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, they all have one thing in common. Can anyone guess? I will tell you in 35 years of studying the institution of professional football that who is inducted into the Hall of Fame has nothing to do with the success rate of the individual franchise.

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