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Vick signs deal with NFL Russia

Doug F

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I got an email from an a defense attorney who works fed cases..

Hey buddy.I see your fans have lost it and now they can't cope,LMAO!!

Here is what i think:

Murdering Animals LOL. You can't kill an animal. Only humans can be murdered.

My final take on this whole Mike Vick thing, since the game last night was inconsequential, is that Michael Vick offends those who didn t like his style of playing QB. And they didn t like his style of dress. And they didn t like his attitude, because he didn t have that I m just happy to be a QB in the NFL persona- but carried himself like he knew that the Falcons were His team.

Personally, I loved it. I m a Vick fan. I still have Vick screensavers on the computer and a lot of VHS tapes of falcons games with Vick because most of the people who watched the Falcons were Mike Vick fans.

I too, think he should have went to jail, for about 6-9 months. 12 months at the most. Even with his 23 months (in which he ll probably get out even earlier, because Vick may qualify to enter into a drug treatment program because his failed drug test is evidence of drug use. He may be out of prison, as a result of the program, in 9 months. His lawyers were smarter than I thought!)

But let s be honest: this hatred of Michael Vick has nothing to do with dog fighting. People hated him in this city long before anyone went to that house in Virginia. They hated him before he threw a water bottle in the trash at the airport. They hated him before he missed flights.

Michael Vick was hated in this city when he grew corn rows. He was hated when he started to say My Team. He was hated when the Atlanta Falcons became The Michael Vick Experience. He was hated when the Falcons started losing and the team went 8-8. Then 7-9.

He was hated when people started saying that it was all Vick s fault that the team didn t make the playoffs. Twice. And people called those who hated him Stupid because they were saying that Vick was actually masking a lot of holes in the team. They were saying that without Vick, this team would be terrible.

And now people hate him because his absence proved them right.

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well, as a shrink, anyone who speaks of themself in the third person is, well, kinda off. wrong me not, i think whoopi got it right. it is a cultural thing. unfortunatly, it's illegal. he knew it, blank knew it, and i know that that many team members knew it. why dont people begin to admit that the proof lies higher than michael?

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