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Falcons Need an Outdoor Field

Doug F

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I have thought the Falcons should have an open stadium for a while. I'd love it... football is supposed to be played outside.

And Green Bay probably has the best outdoor facility in the whole league... I've been to it and it's simply top notch in every aspect. Winter games at Lambeau are THE SHYT. :w00t:

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Doug F (12/12/2007)
Domes are for #####. Green Bay, Detroit, I understand. Atlanta? come on. I think that playing Dome ball can hurt you, that is unless you are Peyton Manning of course.

At first I was confused, I thought the open air stadium would help to alleviate the stench that rose whenever they took the field, that's why they do the pyrotechnics the smoke coming from them really masks the odor as the emerge from the tunnel.

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