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Falcons Mock Draft

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This is assuming the Dolphins take Dorsey, the Patriots take McFadden and the Jets take either Gholston or Jake Long. That makes Ellis the BPA at #4, and as badly as I want Ryan Clady, we can't pass up Ellis here. He would fill one of the holes on our defense that is keeping our defense from becoming elite. Here is my first mock post that lying sack of sh** Petrino, but this is hoping that Zimmer is hired to be our HC. That would allow us to make as smooth a transition to the 2009 season as possible, because he has a great rapport with the defense and could gain the same rapport with the rest of the team given time. He could keep the scheme consistent, and would still be able to call plays, which he has been great at this season despite the poor circumstances. Zimmer for HC!!!

On that note, here is my newest mock draft! :) Enjoy.

1st- Sedrick Ellis, DT, Southern Cal- Fills a big void at DT provided we release Rod Coleman, which I 100% agree that we should. He is very good against the run and is a fabulous pass rusher, and would truly elevate our defense to another level. In my opinion, our 1st round selection next year should be spent on an ILB, for instance Ray Maulauga from Southern Cal, because we just don t have the leeway to upgrade the position in a thinner class this season.

2nd- Duke Robinson, OG, Oklahoma- This guy is an absolute beast. Sadly, we don t have Ryan Clady in our back pocket already, but Robinson would fill the void left by Kynan Forney following his probable release this off-season. He is a mammoth offensive lineman at 6 5 , 335 pounds and is a very good run blocker and an excellent pass blocker, and was the #1 rated offensive lineman in the country this season as a junior.

2nd- Alex Boone, OT, Ohio State- Boone would be our future at LT. Now, despite not having the same multitude of picks I hoped we might have provided a trade down to secure Ryan Clady, we can still add 2 very important pieces to our offensive line this season, and Boone would be a very good pick to stabilize the LT position. With Boone, Blalock and Robinson, we would have a very good start to a powerful run blocking offensive line, but also one that is good in pass protection.

3rd- Joe Flacco, QB, Delaware- We need to get a QB in this draft, and Flacco has garnered this selection for a couple of reasons. He has been very productive as a QB, and has great size and arm strength to go along with good passing accuracy. He would fit into the spread offense if we chose to keep it, but would also fit into most any other system we chose to run with our new head coach (if they went in a different direction that is). With Redman, Andrew Walter, Flacco and D.J. Shockey, we d have good depth at QB.

4th- Titus Brown, DE, Mississippi State- Titus Brown would be a good acquisition because of his ability to rush the passer from the RE position. I truly believe he would be capable of rotating with Abraham as a rookie, especially in passing situations so he could pin his ears back and go after the QB. He has beaten near constant double teams for another good season as a senior, and against the level of competition he has seen at Miss. State, he could even be the future starting RE. Abraham would make a **** fine tutor.

4th(comp)- Art Carmody, K, Louisville- This might seem bittersweet, but adding Carmody is the best move for us. This is one of the few constants in my mock drafts, and I expect it to remain that way for a long time. I really don t have to explain to all of you that K is a big need for us, and I m sure you are all as tired of experimenting with kickers like teenagers experiment with drugs (Not me though, props to myself), and the result is very similar. The team ends up looking dumb because they did something stupid and ended up losing games because of it, just like the teenager gets high and does something they regret, and lose privileges if they are lucky and didn t do something that forced police involvement. It s time to put down the pipe McKay, and get the best K in this draft to finally check our-selves out of Kicker rehab.

5th- Terrance Wheatley, CB, Colorado- With all of the probable junior declarations, a projected 4th round selection in Wheatley could very well fall half a round or so to the very early 5th round, where we would be wise to snatch him up. He doesn t have ideal size (5 9 , 180) but is terrific in man coverage and mirrors WR s very well, and has an amazing burst to close on the ball and make a play to either break up the pass or intercept it. He attacks the ball-carrier very aggressively and his sound tackling reminds me a bit of Antoine Winfield because he appears undersized, but is a very good open-field tackler.

6th- J. Leman, ILB, Illinois- I love this guy. He is projected in the 5th or 6th round, and with the declaration of Lauranaitis it doesn t seem unrealistic to me that he d be available here. Leman would compete with Tony Taylor at ILB, and each would have a year to prove to us that we don t need to spend a very high pick on ILB. This guy is always around the ball though, and is an awesome tackler, and as if that wasn t enough, he is a tenacious player, and is an excellent leader. Sounds good to me!

6th- Mikey Henderson, WR/KR, Georgia- Henderson would compete with Jennings for the last roster spot at WR, and would compete for time as the KR and PR. Henderson is very explosive as a return man, and this pick with his straight line speed and his game speed makes a lot of sense. Lots of you Dawg fans know more about him than I do, but considering what I have been able to learn about him that likely means you just like this pick more than I even do.

7th- Brad Cottam, TE, Tennessee- Some of you may have also seen a thread I started regarding Cottam a while back (I believe it was lost in the transition to the new message board, but I wouldn t really know, I haven t even looked at it in a while). However, he is regarded as an exceptional blocker for a TE, and you might look at his measurables and say, well he d better be a good blocker! He s practically a **** offensive lineman (he is 6 8 and weighs 270 pounds)!! However, then you look at his 40 time and realize it is 4.74, and that is no typo. He has struggled with injuries, but is feared as a pass catcher because he has good hands and is a freak athlete because of his tremendous size, bulk and athleticism, not to mention his superior blocking for a TE, even one of his size.

7th(comp)- Derek Lokey, DT, Texas- Lokey is just the kind of guy you want to spend a 7th round pick on. He is a tenacious, hard working defensive lineman, and that is just what I like in prospects in the trenches. He is versatile and has a great explosion at the snap. He was the glue that kept the defense (especially the run defense) from falling apart, but missed some of the season last year after he was lost for the season with an injury, and that is just what happened when he was out. Now we would be 6 deep at DT. With Lewis, Starks and Stanley at NT, then Ellis, Babs and Lokey at UT. Sounds good to me! We need lots of depth at DT, because we have had lots of injuries here lately.

Now, this draft obviously doesn't fill all of our needs. We still need a power RB very badly, but we just don't have the picks to add one given this scenario. I want to upgrade the trenches, and by adding Ellis, Robinson, Boone and Titus Brown, we add 2 good-very good players on both sides of the ball in the trenches. We add our future QB (who would sit for a season) in Flacco, and add depth at CB, find our future K, add a potential fix for ILB, add a stud KR, add depth at TE and get a tenacious fighter as depth for DT.

Truthfully, I love this draft. It doesn't fill all our needs, but we won't be able to accomplish that feat in just one draft. In this mock, I think we would spend a 1st round pick on either ILB, RB or S next offseason. Those would be our top priorities, and could all be addressed adequately in the first 3 rounds of the 2009 draft after looking at the draft class for each position next season. Then our defense would be elevated to the "elite" level (in my opinion) and our offense would be much more effective with a stud RB to carry the load and allow Norwood to come in and break of big runs, and make plays in the open field.

We need to be patient, and realize that we won't fix this team in one offseason. However, if this was the draft we ended up with after 2 days in late April, I would probably 1. pee my pants, 2. pull my hair out and donate it to charity and 3. never stop laughing at Petrino for abandoning a team that (provided a draft this good, or Zimmer as HC) is clearly going in the right direction.

We can survive and flourish without Petrino, and this draft proves it. Good riddance Petrino, and here's to many excellent mock drafts in the Post-Petrino era!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it.

-mikevick7owns (or Tom Melton)

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grendel (12/12/2007)
aveboogie2 (12/12/2007)
I don't think the Falcons will have a top 5 pick when the draft rolls around.

The players will be playing harder now that Petrino's gone, just to show him up.

The Falcons may actually end the season on a positive note for once.

Well, the Bucs, Cards, and Seahawks will have something to say about that. The only one we realistically have a chance to beat with a good performance is Arizona, and even that is questionable.

The Bucs may not have Garcia back, the Cardinals are as schizophrenic as any team in the league and the Seahawks may have their playoff position locked in.

This is probably the most excited I've been about a Falcons' game since Byron started in New Orleans.

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Tom, I really like this one. I love Ellis, and he would make our defense instantly better. With Ellis, Lewis, Anderson, and Titus Brown, we would have a young, solid DL for many years. I really like Duke Robinson. He is a beast. With Blalock and Robinson, we have our OGs of the future.

I really like what I saw out of Joe Flacco as well. His sheer size and arm strength is impressive enough. I'm interested in watching him again on Friday night.

Overall I like this mock a lot. I would not be opposed to taking Laurinaitis with our first pick, but I like your reasoning for not. Although, if we were to hire Mike Singletary as our coach, imagine what he could do with Boley and Laurinaitis. Good stuff.

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thanks guys. im really mad at petrino too, but id appreciate a couple more comments on the actual mock if you could.

to the guy who said we have all the talented juniors in the draft, how is having duke robinson (a stud OG, ill admit) and Alex Boone (a projected 1st-2nd rounder in the 2009 draft) having all the talented juniors in the draft? that comment really made no sense at all. and not only that, having an "all seniors mock" would mean you couldnt pick mcfadden even if he was the bpa, and no ryan clady, and no lauranaitis... the list goes on and on. imo, that was a lame comment.

thanks scott24falcs, for actually commenting on my mock.

id love lauranaitis, but im not sure id spend the #4 pick on him. hes great, but im just not THAT high on him (at least not yet, ive watched him enough to say, in the 6-10 range, he is definately up on the short list though). if singletary is our HC, then that is obviously a possibility, but ellis would be also. singletary has to know the value of having good lineman in front of you, as a player and as a coach.

thanks for the comments, i really like this mock. :)

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I honestly don't think the Pats will take McFadden. Maroney is only 22 years old, and has been quite effective when given the ball. The Pats also will have to try and lock up both Randy Moss and Asante Samuel. They very well could let Samuel go, but they will definetly be looking to lock up Moss long-term. If they somehow decide to lock both of them up, they won't have enough cap room to sign a top 2-3 pick. Also, they need youth at the LB position. I really see them doing whatever it takes to trade down, and get a guy like Laurinaitis.

Although if they did land McFadden it would be a big ##### you to the rest of the league.

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Your first three picks are on the money. If we could somehow manage that, the entire draft would automatically be a success.

I like Flacco, but not in the third. He is getting a lot of draft steam now, but he is a project. If we can add Andrew Walter in FA, we will have plenty to handle next season. DJ Shockey will get his shot....I still get the feeling that he is a late bloomer.

I am not interested in drafting a WR this year. If the need is perceived, we can obtain Bryant Johnson in FA.

I am very stoked about your first three picks. Give us those guys and this team will be significantly improved.

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bgarcia, thats exactly what i thought. upgrade the trenches BIG time and fill our 2 biggest needs on the oline, LT and RG, and then fill the biggest need on defense right now, UT. all 3 are studs.

flacco is being mentioned in the 2nd round now, but i have a feeling the hype around him will cool off. i would like to see him play in the senior bowl, well see if he gets an invite. but i like him as a prospect, but not in the 2nd round.

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