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Serious poll: Who should the Falcons next head coach be?

Doug F

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The D has only been the bright spot this year. We have lost so many DTs, i think we are on 5th string, But Zimmer adapts, and builds this D. He has also stepped up our Secondary. they are actually getting intercepts, and Houston has gotten way better.

Hue Jackson can stay the OC, and build our wideouts. we should replace jenkins with DJ Hall( he is a playmaker). Snelling/Norwood duo will be great, and i see us actually using Ovie with hue jackson. DJ Shockley as the QB. we just need to draft brandon coutu(kicker), DJ Hall( replace jenkins), Jake Long( fix our LT, and foster to RT).

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clownorg (12/12/2007)
Zimmer may be Ok, at least we get a preview while he plays Interim guy

But I realistacly want Cowher or Singletary

Cowher takes a LONG time to get us to the Nat CHAMP, and he would want to run every, PLUS he runs a 3-4, but we have a 4-3 D, and abe has said he doesnt not want to run the 3-4D( why he left the jets)

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