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How does VIck feel now?

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Vick and the coach, who has been taken down by the actions of those players who decided to support somone who finds it fun to kill; dederve what they have.

I am a man who loves to hunt, loves god and my family. I also would like to to what Vick did to those dogs to anyone who is so so so stupid as to support HIM

BRandon Vernon Kincannon

Google me please I am easy to find

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Wrong forum newb. What does it matter who you do or don't love, like, or hate, someone has to be corny as **** to hate on someone else's opinion of Vick if it's not the same as theirs. If you don't like Vick, just don't like him. No need to start a topic that doesn't even matter at this point, in the wrong forum nonetheless, when you should be busy loving hunting, god and your family.:rolleyes:

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