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I wasn't for resigning hall, but after this whole situation, I have a new found trust in him.


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Just to make a point, if you heard the NFL network interview, yes he did say that he wanted to stay with the team and right the ship and I fully believe he's developing into a leader on the team BUT when he was asked if he'd definitely be on the team next year, he gave the typical football lingo line of "if they show me they want me to be here I''ll stay"

While this isn't horrible or anything, it still means pay me my **** money or I'm walking. You still have to wonder if our new HC, McKay, and whoever is going to be making decisions is going to give him a Clements size deal, because that's what I interpret "showing him we want him to stay" to mean.

Of course we have no other options, we can't find anybody that could really replace him.

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