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Petrino...too bad McFadden is leaving

Doug F

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I honestly have no idea how he thinks he's going to recruit after this whole debacle. No kid in their right mind is going to believe a thing he tells them right now, and even if the kid does Petrino has to get through to the kid's parents. Seriously, this guy is not a particularly charming or engaging man, he's not going to be drawing big names to him. I've never wished this on another coach but I really, really hope he fails miserably at Arkansas.

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Doug F (12/11/2007)
Good luck in recruiting. Look forward to watching the DAWGS stomp Arkansas every year we play them going forward

**** would you want to go to arkansas to see what he just did to the falcons, and if your real saavy kid to see Louisville hates him too. I hope he loses so bad where he gets fired. ;)

Have Mark Richt pull out a falcons shirt after they kick the hawgs azz. lol :P

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there is no way his lame offense will have a chance in the SEC. He'll be lucky to beat Vanderbilt or Ole Miss next year. Its a lot harder to recruit down here than in Kentucky. Who are you competing with up there, Bowling Green? I wonder if Ark has UL Monroe scheduled next year. Maybe he can call Nick and get some tips...

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