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hey all, what a mess we are in, but i think we are all almost looking forward to the draft already. I know i am and here is how i picture our team next year... Providing we get a top 4 pick in the draft

HC: Mike Singletary

OC: Hue Jackson (has done wonders for our receivers)

DC: Mike Zimmer (as above with linebackers, look at m-bole)

I think it's pretty obvious we will be drafting offensive linemen and a quarterback with our top 3 picks.

QB: Matt Ryan (Boston College)

HB: Jerious Norwood

FB: Ovie Mughelli

WR X: Roddy White (joe is over the hill)

WR Y: Michael Jenkins (after a position battle with laurent robinson)


but yes we know the linemen well, we can't know i mean, look at the shape they are in this year? I think Matt Ryan could come in and turn this place around with singletary at the helm, sorry Chris Redman, but you are 30, and my grandmother puts more zip on the ball than you, and hopefully we draft 2 linemen with our 2 2nd round picks and have a half decent offensive line.

NT: Rod Coleman

UT: Jonathan Babineaux

RE: J-A #1

LE: J-A #2

LOLB: M-Bole

ROLB: D-Will

MLB: K-Brook

SS: Lawyer (could think about a new 2nd or 3rd round safety, he's getting slow)


CB1: D-Hall (god i love him, hope he stays, even if we end up giving vick's money to him :P)

CB2: Chris Hourston (hopefully add him to the list of recent 2nd round pick pro bowlers)

I think overall it looks gooood on paper. Your thoughts??? peace

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