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Marty Schottenheimer should be our coach

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I think Marty would be a good choice. Guys like him that are hungry for that deserving shot to win a championship. Tony Dungy finally did it, Jon Gruden, guys like Mike Holmgren that know how to win and are long time NFL coaches is what you want. Forget these college coaches that can't committ to the NFL. Jimmie Johnson was the only college coach that could handle the NFL. Cowher would be a good choice, but was does he have left to prove? He already has his championship. Marty was 14-2 last year, and knows how to win. Jason Garrett could be a good underdog pick, but you need someone that is a solid 3-5 year choice, someone you can build a team around, and give them some time. JJ was 1-15 his first year with Cowboys, look what he did with Aikman and Emmitt when you finally get some good coachable players.

The Falcons can't afford to put it all on the line for one player like Vick. Draft some quality players that can develop. You need a coach that can discipline these primadonas like Hall. The coach controls the team and needs to gain that respect on day one. Petrino never had it and was a poor selection.

Another thought? Not sure who the offensive line coach is at New England, but could be a good choice.

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