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Brian Rich

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I have been a Falcons Fan since 1976 and this by far is the worst day in

Falcons History. First we put the success of our team around one player who is now

serving 23 months in a Federal Prison for Dog Fighting. Second, we hired

a Coach who lost his players one month into the season. Then embrassed

himself and the Franchise last night with the posters, tshirts, and lastly laid

and egg in front of the entire nation on Monday Night Football.

How ridiculous is it when the Owner tells his Fans on National Televisions that

"He has a great coach and is proud of the way he has handled the adversity"

and the next day he resigns?

Get control of your Franchise Mr. Blank, I am embrassed for you. You fired

the best Coach this Franchise every had so you could put your stamp on

the Franchise. Well, this is a helluva stamp.

Whose running the team anyway? After watching last night, I would say a

few of your players. I was completely embrassed watching players where

"Free Mke Vick" T-Shirts, and carrying posters.

Get a hold on the asylum Mr. Blank.

The building is crumbling right underneath your feet.

Brian Rich

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if its anyone to blame, i blame the fans. cause I have a feeling that Blank/McKay do read these boards as a plan B. theres no doubt they do i mean come on, they aren't selling tickets so why not listen to the fans and keep changing players and etc. If i was McKay, trust me....i would make fans hate me so much that they wont even come to the games, and as i rebuild the team into a dynasty, guess whose crawling on their knees ;)

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